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About the Assembly

The Border Midland and Western Regional Assembly was one of two Regional Assemblies established in 1999 by the Irish Government to give effect to the division of the country into two regions for Structural Funds purposes.  The BMW region retained full Objective 1 status for period to 2006, and the Southern and Eastern region qualified for a six year phasing-out regime for Objective 1 funding up to the end of 2005.

For the 2007-13 funding period, the BMW region no longer qualifies for Objective 1 funding (having a GDP per capita above 75% of the EU average) and qualifies instead as a phasing-in region for Objective 2 funding (Regional Competitiveness and Employment Objective).

The Regional Assembly comprises 29 elected members nominated by 14 the constituent local authorities, within the BMW region.

BMW Regional Assembly Members

The main roles of the BMW Regional Assembly are to:

  • Manage the BMW Regional Operational Programmes 2000-2006 and 2007-13;

  • Monitor the general impact of all EU and Irish exchequer-funded programmes in the Border, Midland and West region;

  • Promote the co-ordination of the provision of Public Services in the region; and

  • Ensure that national policies take regional issues into account

The Headquarters of the Border, Midland and Western Regional Assembly is located in Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon. Meetings of the Assembly take place six times per annum.  A joint meeting with the Southern and Eastern Regional Assembly takes place annually.

BMW Joint Sub Committees

For the 2007-13 period, the Regional Assembly has established two joint sub-committees:

  • National Development Plan

  • Regional and Rural Affairs

Each committee comprises equal membership of elected members and public officials in the region.  The joint sub-committees meet 4 times per annum and are chaired by an elected member.

BMW Regional Assembly Staff
The Minutes of meetings of the Assembly, the Monitoring Committee, the Operational Committee and the Joint Sub Committees are available here.

The Regional Assembly employs 14 staff to carry its various executive and corporate functions in relation to financial management and control, programme monitoring, information and publicity, policy development, promotion of Interreg Programmes and the administration of Regional Programmes of Innovative Actions.